Dampier Peninsula & Ardi

The Dampier Peninsula

Kooljaman Cape Leveque

Stretching 220km north of Broome along the newly sealed Cape Leveque Road, the Dampier Peninsula is a unique area of outstanding beauty, rich in history and culture and unspoilt wilderness. You will find small Aboriginal Communities on Native Title Land and Australia’s oldest operating pearl farm. It is the perfect getaway for the adventurous traveller, nature enthusiast or those looking for a secluded beachfront escape.

Part of the Kimberley region of Western Australia, the Dampier Peninsula is remote and isolated but richly populated with native plants and animals and blessed with some of the finest beaches, fishing, swimming and snorkelling waters in the world.  The Dampier Peninsula is rapidly earning an international reputation as an unique and outstanding holiday destination.

The Cape Leveque Road brings travellers to the Peninsula from Broome.  While the Cape Leveque Road is now sealed, the road to to Goombaragin and most other places is unsealed and you will need a 4WD vehicle.  As you travel through this pristine area you are asked to respect the land, culture and privacy of the local people.

The Dampier Peninsula is ‘saltwater country’, there are four major communities One Arm Point (Ardyloon), Djarindjin, Lombadina and Beagle Bay as well as many Aboriginal family outstations. The people of this country still practice their traditional ways; conservation of the land and sea is a big part of this. Many local people practice traditional fishing methods, hunting by the sea and gathering bush tucker season to season.

Cultural Tour Dampier Peninsula
Boat Tour Lombadina

A large portion of The Dampier Peninsula area is Aboriginal Land, please do not venture down unmarked roads as you will most likely be entering private land. When entering any of the communities please go first to the community office as entry permits may be required.

It is easy to spend a number of days on the Dampier Peninsula as there is plenty to see and do including indigenous cultural tours, Ardyaloon Trochus Hatchery & Aquaculture Centre, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, fishing charters, whale watching, restaurants cafes and much more.  Kathleen and John would be happy to recommend some activities or you could find more information at www.ardioperators.com.au

Beagle Bay Church
Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm